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Our Lightning Features

Lightening App

Lightening App

Beautiful enterprise applications for any device.
Lightning Web Components, LWC

Lightning Web Components

Using resusable components written in javascript and apex.
Aura Components

Aura Components &

We use aura components to build modern web apps with reuable ui components.
Lightning design system

Lightning design system

Components,utilities,design tokens,icons.
Lightning Exchange

Lightning Exchange

Kickstart your app building process with responsive building blocks.
Lightning App Builder

Lightning App Builder

We build custom pages for lightening experience.

Classic Experience or Lightning Experience

Features and Advantages of Lightning over Classic

Salesforce Lightning Experience

Accounts Accessed via the Get More Accounts button on the Accounts list view. You can filter on the following fields : Annual Revenue Company or Website Country or Territory Location Type State
contacts Users can search for a contact when it’s related to an existing account. On the account detail page, click the Get More Contacts button, and use the search box and filters.
Import contact Web TAB Needed
Export contact Web tab required
Company insights on accounts Accessed via the Get More Insights button on accounts
Company insights on opportunities Accessed via the Get More Insights button on opportunities

Salesforce Classic Experience

Accounts Accessed via the tab or Search Global Ultimate DUNS button on D&B Company records.
Contacts Get Contacts button on accounts
Import contact direct accessed
Export contact direct accessed Tab
Company insights on accounts Accessed via the Prospecting Insights button on accounts
Company insights on opportunities Not available


Lightning Features
  • Home features : Both interfaces offer Events, Calendars, and customizable dashboards, but only Lightning includes news, key deals, and a performance chart on the homepage.
  • Activity timeline : Lightning includes a timeline to help users keep track of their history of activity for each account or each lead, but Classic does not.
  • Workspace page layout : Lightning enables users to design new types of pages, from App Pages to Home Pages to Record Pages, while Classic just offers one basic type of page.
  • Does Salesforce Lightning Cost More?
  • No, Salesforce Lightning doesn’t cost more than Salesforce Classic. The interfaces cost the same. Long-time users of the Classic version will be able to switch to Lightning without paying for a new license. Meanwhile, new customers will be recommended the Lightning interface by default.
Classic Features
  • It is very compact and text-centric with little attention paid to graphics and icons. The graphics that do exist are typically small and aren’t displayed in high resolution.
  • The text is also very small by default, and on a modern monitor there is a massive amount of unused space that at times makes everything feel way too confined and at others far too spread out.
  • The overall result is that it is not easy to absorb information quickly in the Classic interface and navigation can be a little bit clunky.
  • Classic exists mostly for longstanding Salesforce users who aren’t ready to move to the newer interface. New users are put on Lightning by default, with the option to switch to the Classic interface under their user icon in the upper right corner. It’s possible that some companies new to Salesforce will have particular needs better suited to Classic. As a general rule, however, Lightning is the version of Salesforce to aim for since it’s the default for new users and the future of the platform.
  • Salesforce Classic End of Life Salesforce Classic won’t be around forever. However, we don’t yet know when it’ll be completely phased out in favor of Lightning.
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