Service Cloud + Data Migration

Business Problem Business Problem

Data Migration, Legacy entities mapping

Problem Summary :

Organization was using 6 different systems to manage customers and support them. E.g. Oracle EBS, JIRA, acquired company’s Salesforce orgs. Beside managing multiple systems, duplicate data, accuracy issue, there was not integrated customer data and/or 360 view.

Challenges :

  • Legacy entities mapping to Salesforce objects
  • Structural differences
  • Data issues

Our Solution

Data Migration, Live Chat

Solution Summary :

Replaced 6 systems with Salesforce Service Cloud – migrated historical data from legacy systems + implemented Salesforce Customer Community for customers. Implemented Live Chat, Knowledge repository.

Platform :

  • Salesforce Service Cloud (Support, Live Chat, Knowledge Base)
  • Community Cloud
  • DBAmp

Benefits :

  • Increased Customer satisfaction
  • Increased support team productivity
  • Increased revenue

Soham Technologies

We are IT & Salesforce, Web tech company in pune providing IT solutions globally. Soham Technologies offers Salesforce support and maintenance services that provide clients with access to SalesForce experts for administrative and development issues with long term commitments. We guarantee minimal risk and outstanding service to all our clients .
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